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If you’ve got an internet connection, then you can enjoy webinars, workshops and classes on topics from puppy foundations, to sports like shed antler hunting, dock diving, or dogsledding, all the way up to classes for senior dog wellness!

Classes Coming In Spring 2024, through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy:


Fly Farther: Dock Diving Skills & Strategies

Class starts June 1st.

In “Fly Farther”, I’ll give you a blueprint system to address all of the common issues in dock diving dogs, as well as strategies for correctly introducing new dogs to the pool or advancing more experienced competitors to the next level. If you are new to the sport, need help troubleshooting, or have a dog with a lot of potential that you want to advance smoothly and thoughtfully, for best results in dock diving- you’ll want this class! Click for more info:

First Things First: Puppy Foundations for a Bright Future

This 6 week online class begins August 1st.

The class topics will include reinforcement skills (food and toys), building productive patterns, socialization strategies, and confidence building exercises. Interwoven throughout the lectures and demos will be discussion around ways to help discover your puppy for the amazing individual that they are, as well as strategies for how you can help meet their unique needs and thus allow them to blossom!   Click for mor info:


The Power of Pulling: Introduction to Dog Powered Sports

Class starts October 1st and run for 6 weeks

This class is designed to help you get started in dog powered sports via canicross or cani-hiking. Principles learned in this class serve as a foundation for all other dog powered sports as well, including bikejoring, skijorring, dogsledding, and scootering! 

Using a structured approach which builds skills in layers, teams will learn the foundations of pulling, start and stopping skills, directionals, and speed changes. I also cover distraction proofing, passing, and terrain strategies. 

Click the button below to see a sample lecture and more info. 

How do FDSA online classes work?

Classes are held through www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com  and offer three levels of participation. Bronze level classes allow you access to viewing the training program lectures and videos. Silver allows for that access, plus unlimited general questions and limited instructor feedback on your training videos. Gold level allows you to have unlimited questions and feedback on all of your training videos. 

Classes run in 6 week semesters- but all levels of participation keep access to the training program reference materials for a full year. 


Do I need any fancy equipment to take an online class?

No! All levels of participation require an internet connection, and silver/gold levels require a video recording device to capture clips from your training sessions. Most students use their smart phone and a tripod is helpful. Any equipment you need specific to the class is listed on it’s course page. 


  We have decided to offer some of our most popular classes periodically as self-study classes to those who are interested in working through them at their own pace. But even more exciting, we have added a “Do All The Things” membership  option which allows you access to ALL of our self-study classes for as long as you are an active member. As a bonus, members receive some additional perks- like live monthly trainer Q&As and periodic special offers! 

NEW! Members now have access to my back catalog of webinars, ranging from dog sport to puppy training and even senior fitness topics! 


Courses currently offered as part of our membership program:

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