Lab Tested Dog Training


Helping you create the best life for your dog with activities you’ll both enjoy.

Training should be fun and fitting.


Dog training doesn’t have to feel like a big, overwhelming project.

No matter what your goals are, training is more successful when we split it up into tiny steps that can be taught with ease and worked into your daily life!

With years of experience training hundreds of dogs for different goals, from puppyhood on, I can help you with a training plan that suits you, your dog, and your future plans! And best of all, I’ll teach it to you in a way that makes it fun to practice.

If you are local to me here in Quesnel, BC- check out our Puppy Camp and Sports training options. Folks who are further away- consider online classes as an amazing and efficient coaching option where I can help you learn on a variety of topics from puppyhood foundations to high level sports training.


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